Light Green Jabeen Earring

The best way to look beautiful without wearing heavy jewellery or necklaces is to pair your dress with matching gold earrings.

Gold Earrings For Brides, Girls And Women

Light Green Jabeen Earring
Light Green Jabeen Earring

Gold Earrings are an invincible accessory for every woman since they are comfortable and make you look pretty.

When talking about earrings, the traditional gold stud earrings never fall out of style. No wedding is complete without these gold earrings for the bride.

We provide you with a variety of gold-plated earrings online for bride, girls and women. On our platform, without any hassle, just by sitting at home, you can buy the latest gold earring at low price.

Gold Earrings that enhance your natural beautyr

Do you wish to flaunt your beauty with Hyderabadi gold-plated earrings? If so, then there is no better platform than Sadia’s.

All our traditional hyderabadi earrings are specially crafted to blend traditional and modern styles.

We even provide unique designs of gold earrings for bride, girl and women, to look gorgeous and comfortable without heavy and rough necklaces, earrings are the ultimate lifesaver.

We outshine our competitors because we are a firm believer in quality. Thus, we strive to deliver only high-quality gold earrings to our customers. On our website you will get all the products categorically.

Our website displays a variety of excellent designed hyderabadi jewellery, and your eyes would crave more without getting tired.

We also provide our jewellery at reasonable prices; thus, you can easily get beautiful gold earrings at a low price.

Flick your head, and these traditional hyderabadi earrings will dance accordingly to rock your day in style. I have listed some of the best gold stud earrings for girls and women below to help you with your search process.

1. White Jabeen Gold Plated Earrings

White Jabeen Earrings
White Jabeen Earrings

These white Jabeen earrings are perfect for any occasion. As one of the best Hyderabadi designs, these earrings can enhance your beauty in no time.

It has a benevolent design with brilliant white color. It has beads in the shape of a drop on the outer layer.

To make your usual or simple dress look pretty and stylish, grab this earring without a second thought and walk-in style with these traditional pairs of gold earrings.

2. Amethyst purple Jabeen Earrings

Amethyst Purple Jabeen Earrings
Amethyst Purple Jabeen Earrings

If you are looking for some innovative and trendy earrings set, then these amethyst purple Jabeen gold plated earrings are the best match for you.

It is a glamorous pair of gold earrings with an excellent design. This pair of earrings perfectly blends the essence of modernity with the traditional style. The bright purple-colored beads on the outer layer make you look stunning any day.

Also, the beautiful drop-shaped earrings will compliment your dress in the best way possible.

3. Real Emerald Basket Bali Earrings

Real Emerald Silver Plated Basket Bali
Real Emerald Silver Plated Basket Bali

These Real Emerald Earrings are super fashionable. It is a silver-plated earring with a Basket Bali design.

The design by itself is pretty and stylish. It is one of the most popular designs nowadays; these earrings will give you a stunning look.

It has a beautiful Chand Bali style and is studded with precious stones. Complement your natural beauty with these exquisite pairs of earrings.

4. Green Hyderabadi Kaan Earring

Green Hyderabadi Kaan Earring
Green Hyderabadi Kaan Earring

An extraordinary piece of craft with a luxurious style. This Green Kaan Earring has an intricate Hyderabadi design.

The earrings are gorgeous and perfect for heavy occasions. If you feel uncomfortable in wearing hefty necklaces or jewelry, you can pair up your dress with this light weight earring.

This pair of gold earrings will give you a mesmerizing look due to its ancestral design. It is a six-carat gold plated earring with a tinge of green color in it.

5. Multicolor Jadau Sidrat Earrings

Multi Colour Jadau Sidrat Earrings from Hyderabadi Jewellery
Multi Colour Jadau Sidrat Earrings

The Multicolour Jadau Sidrat Earrings are a perfect example of elegance.

The gold earrings are embedded with semi-precious earrings. It is one of the trendy designs of Hyderabadi jewelry, and thus this pair of earrings is a must-buy.

The unique blend of different colors with gold gives it a fabulous look. The best feature is that these earrings can be paired up with any colored dress.

6. Red Nikaah Kashish Earring

Multi Basket Kashish Chandbali
Multi Basket Kashish Chandbali

Bridal looks are incomplete without glorious earrings. And, so these Red Nikaah Earrings are accurate for all bridal occasions. These are incredibly stylish and easy to wear.

It is a six-carat gold plated pair of earrings and prepared with a tinge of red color. The earrings are designed with a traditional touch, especially for grand occasions.

Dress in your Indian outfits and pair them with these earrings to ace your look.

7. Red Green Sumbul Earring

Red Green Sumbul Earring
Red Green Sumbul Earring

Are you crazy about big earrings? Then these Sumbul Earrings are ideal for every girl and women who love long earrings.

Designed in a trendy shape and with a glamorous Hyderabadi design, this earring will make everyone’s head turn. With the red and green combination, this earring has a distinctive look.

Steal the show with these reddish-green earrings.

8. Firoza Sumbul Earring

Firoza Plated Sumbul Earring

The Firoza Arshi Earring set is one of the most graceful creations of Hyderabadi jewelry. It has an innovative design with a beautiful contour.

The blue color adds to its look. Even though these gold plated earrings have a traditional Hyderabadi look, they also look super trendy at all times.

Gift yourself this dashing pair of hyderabadi traditional earrings and look incredible.

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