Nizam jewels and “the city of pearls” Hyderabad

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Nizam Jewels : The Nizams of Hyderabad ruled for 200 years, and legends abound about their fondness for jewels, pearls and real diamonds.

Nizam Jewels the Most expensive collection of jewellery in India

  • The Nizams of Hyderabad’s tremendous wealth is well recorded, thanks to their luxurious lifestyles, sumptuous palaces, and an incredible collection of nizam jewels.
  • The beautiful Nizam jewels collection, which was hidden in the royal treasury for generations and is now assembled over the world, has long been a source of mystery and intrigue.

Here’s a sneak peek of the most exquisite collection of hyderabad nizam jewels

jewels of nizam
The Jewels of The Nizam. Credit: Christie’s 2020

According to TIME Magazine, King of Nizam Jewels “Mir Osman Ali Khan” was the wealthiest man alive in 1937

Image Credit : Alamy

Nizam jewels & pearls earned Hyderabad the title “City of Pearls.”

The Nizam of Hyderabad adored natural diamonds and pearls, so when pearl dealers arrived in Hyderabad with their collection, it was impossible to construct a piece of jewellery because each pearl was unique in colour, shape, size, and make.

As a result, The Nizam continued to acquire Natural Pearls until symmetry could be sculpted into an ornament.

This generated a pearl market in Hyderabad, earning it the title “City of Pearls.” Hyderabad is still the commercial centre for natural Basra pearls.

The Nizam were said to have more jewels than all of India’s princely kings put together. He was great admirer of fine craftsmanship and jewellery.

Their lifestyles and traditions are reflected in their beautiful palaces, the opulent goods they utilised, and most importantly nizam jewels and pearls.

The history of the world’s jewels would be incomplete without pearls, and the Nizam of Hyderabad is one of the most legendary rulers of all time fell in love with the elegance and sobriety of pearls, and wore them as a regal ornament in the majority of his outfits.

It is believed that the Nizam of Hyderabad had the most extensive collection of natural pearl jewellery. It’s thought that the pearls he’d gathered might fill up the “Olympic Size Pool.”

The love and Craze of Nizam Jewels and hyderabadi pearls

In India, pearl jewellery has remained a significant part of Hyderabadi tradition and Indian Jewellery. Pearls, one of nature’s most spectacular creations, are known as the “Queen of Jewels” and have been associated with different romantic events throughout history.

Its unrivalled lustre and extraordinary brilliance have made it a favourite of women throughout history.

Since then, nizam’s love for diamonds and pearls has been passed down down the generations. The beauty and originality of Nizam jewels and pearls can still be observed at select Hyderabadi jewellers who work tirelessly to ensure that the quality and feel of Nizam jewels are maintained.

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