Online Indian jewellery is bestowed with a variety of designs and patterns that uphold the traditional outlook very well. These days purchasing anything online is a piece of cake for anyone.
In the same way purchasing any Indian Jewellery online is easy but before you jump into purchasing any allow us to introduce you to the types of Indian Jewellery that are available online.



01. Jadau jewellery : The most exotic kind of Indian Jewellery online

The Jadau Jewellery is one of the finest artificial Indian jewelleries and art of Indian traditional jewellery in which gemstones like emeralds, diamonds, and many more are implanted into gold. The entire piece of jewellery is a hold frame with precious stones on it.

These are one of the most exotic kinds of jewellery for Indian brides. They provide you with a traditional look with a tinge of modernity. Presently, this type of jewellery is ruling the Indian jewellery shops and also present online.

It is indeed one of the ancient’s types of jewellery, yet it does not fail to win hearts to date.

02. Kundan jewellery : precious gemstone jewellery that gives you a striking look

The type of jewellery making originated in Rajasthan is a perfect match for your betrothal day. It is a conventional form of Indian gemstone jewellery that gives you a striking look.

This type of jewellery comprises a gold frame with a gemstone set embedded in it, generally for long necklaces. The most stylish and bizarre kind of jewellery to walk in style on your big day.

These are available easily in all Indian jewellery online stores to provide you with the best jewellery style sitting at home.

03. Real Pearl jewellery : It’s a Royal and Primary choice of every Indian bride

When it comes to royalty, pearls are a primary choice. These are delicate stones used in necklaces or other jewellery to give them a desirable look. The pearl jewellery sets are off-white that provides a soothing look to your wedding dress. If you want to rule the day with elegance then these real pearl jewellery sets are pertinent for you. These are a touch of elegance to Indian jewellery bride that outshines the heavy ornaments with its style and beauty. Now looking glorious just got easier; since you can get this traditional Indian jewellery online, effortlessly.

04. Polki Jewellery

An innovative form of artificial jewellery which uses raw diamonds to form beautiful ornaments. Initially introduced by the Mughals, these are an exquisite range of Indian jewellery online.

Presently, several artificial Indian jewellery online brands offer you innovative and beautiful Polki jewellery designs to always look great.

05. Bridal Jewellery : An addition to the auspiciousness of the most glorifying day of Bride.

These are the types of Online Indian jewellery popular for their intricate patterns and gorgeous appearance. These are heavy ornaments that have a cultural essence and induce a traditional look to your wedding day.

No one will look further than these glamorous bridal jewellery designs for the wedding day. These are an addition to the auspiciousness of the most glorifying day in a woman’s life.

You can easily avail these beautiful designs in all Indian jewellery shops and also online.

06. Meenakari Jewellery

Meenakari is an evergreen Persian style of making jewellery through enamelling. If you are fond of a royal and colourful look then you will love this jewellery style.

These possess a flavour of modernity with a time-honoured outlook. The unique design of these ornaments is a step ahead of all other kinds of Indian jewellery online.

These are precious stones entrenched on a molten glass of various colors with borders of gold or silver. Look stunning with these contemporary jewellery designs.

07. Custom and Handmade jewellery

These are specially designed unique jewellery styles that allow you to customize the pattern according to your wish.

These are created especially for a single person or event. Custom jewellery enables you to show your designing skills on the wedding day.

Handmade jewellery refers to the unique kind of ornaments crafted by artisans with innovation. These are dynamic types of Indian jewellery styles that go hand in hand with any traditional look.

Both custom and handmade jewellery look impressive when worn with a beautiful wedding dress. The amount of comfort it gives adds to the happiness of the bright day.

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