As the wedding season has arrived, everybody has started shopping for every occasion. In India, a wedding is an essential and biggest part of a woman’s life. At an Indian wedding, there are multiple things to do, such as outfit selection, jewellery shopping, venue selection, and so many rituals to perform.

During this wedding season, everything becomes more glamorous and extravagant. And in Indian weddings, brides are the centre of attraction to everyone. And just like brides, every woman wants to look elegant at any wedding function they attend. From top to bottom, women prefer to get dressed with classic traditional outfits and esthetic jewellery. Jewellery is the favourite thing when it comes to females. Jewellery can make you the star of the night if selected and worn properly.

Especially for brides, selecting jewellery that matches their lehenga can be confusing. And because of the confusion and wrong choice of jewellery, your whole appearance on your wedding day can get spoiled. But do not get worried. Here from this article, you can save yourself from spoiling your day!

So, here are some of the best expert tips to count on while buying your wedding jewellery.

Tips To Buy Bridal Wedding Jewellery


1. First, Jewellery- Then Outfit Selection


The first and foremost tip is to select your jewellery first and then select your lehenga or outfit that goes in with your jewellery. This way, you will have less burden on selecting a matching outfit and jewellery. You don’t have to worry about the neckline of your blouse or the colour of your outfit. Getting your hands first on jewellery will simply resolve all your problems and confusion regarding the mismatch of your whole bridal look.

First, Jewellery- then outfit selection

2. Choose Jewellery That Suits Your Skin Tone and The Shape of Your Face


Now, when you go for a jewellery selection, make sure to observe yourself first- your face shape, skin tone, size of the neck, etc. This observation will help you to choose the right type of jewellery, that matches your skin tone, your face, and your body type. If you don’t, then there are chances that you will pick a set of jewellery that looks gorgeous when it’s in front of you but will not look that good on you because of your face and body type. Small details like this will help you to select the best set of jewellery for yourself.

Choose jewellery that suits your skin tone

3. Know The Current Trends


To update yourself is an important step in every area, whether it’s technology or fashion. Especially when it comes to fashion, the trends keep on changing daily. So, keep yourself updated about the newest trends even for your bridal look. By using new fashion trends, you can plan something fresh and elegant for your bridal look.

Know the current trends

4. Check Out Your Family Heirloom Jewellery


Before you go to purchase jewellery from any outside store, it’s better to first check in your own home. In India, we tend to have a heredity in everything, and so as in antic jewellery sets. Your mother or grandmother must have their family heirloom jewellery that will surpass you as an inheritance. So, check out your family heirloom jewellery before anything.

Check out your family heirloom jewellery

5. Fix a Budget


Budget must be fixed from the very beginning. As Indian traditional jewellery tends to be highly expensive and rich, it’s better to have a fixed budget. Somewhat minor changes are fine when it comes to the final decision, but if you are looking for a jewellery set that you will wear only once, then it’s better to spend money under the budget.

6. Do Not Exaggerate


As a bride, you always want to look the best of all. And people expect the bride to look the most beautiful on her wedding day. Especially at Indian weddings, everyone’s eyes are always searching for the bride and groom. Sometimes, to look elegant, brides tend to overdo it. In excitement, you can make the mistake of wearing too much jewellery at once. This can be too extravagant and can spoil your look. So the amount of jewellery should be in equal proportion so that it can define your whole bridal look.

Do not exaggerate

7. Invest in Jewellery or Want Luxury?


Decide whether you want a one-time investment or a luxurious jewellery piece. If you are going to spend a lot of money on your jewellery, then make sure that you can wear them often on other occasions too. If not, then that jewellery will be of no use after your wedding. And if you want high-end, classic, and luxurious jewellery to wear, you can try renting them.

8. Quality Check


Jewellery is always delicate and precious to all. So, when you buy them, make sure to have a quality check. They must be certified and pure.

Quality Check

9. Use Customization


Nowadays, you can have your own choice of outfits with multiple variations. You can have a unique design of jewellery specially customized for you. This will make your whole bridal costume impressive and graceful.

Use customization

10. Have a Classic Taste


When you go jewellery shopping, you should have a classic taste. A classic choice of jewellery and costume will give you a natural and traditional vibe as a bride.Have a classic taste

11. Take Advice


Take advice from the three-person- your makeup artist, stylist, and your mother. These three people will give you the best and most real advice about everything. So, make sure that before you make any decision, ask for their help and advice so that you can be the best of all.



After reading the tips above, you must have a clear vision of- how to select your wedding jewellery. These tips also can be used for bridesmaids and other women who love wearing traditional Indian jewellery on special occasions. Keeping these tips in mind; will make your selection work easier and less time-consuming. Even it won’t let you spend an unnecessary amount on jewellery that you will wear only once in a lifetime or more.